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Obvious is a full-service design and digital agency based in Wellington and Dunedin, with clients all across New Zealand, from Auckland to Queenstown.

We’re authentic as. We’re innovative, passionate and unconventional. We don’t wear suits or sell expensive solutions that don’t work. We love what we do, and excel in our execution.

Wellington, the creative capital of New Zealand, offers us inspiration and access to New Zealand’s top design talent. Being at the heart of the country also allows us to support both the public and private sectors. We’ve worked with some of Aotearoa’s biggest and most influential names in business, government, education and events.

We’re all about work that delivers positive social impact. We’re particularly focused on the education sector, where we work alongside education providers and organisations to improve the accessibility of learning opportunities. We also operate a social enterprise, StudySpy - a digital prospectus with every course and every scholarship in New Zealand, to help students make informed decisions on their future.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level - we're the obvious choice.


Meet the team.

Ciaran Jack
Co-founder and Creative Director

Ciaran grew up in Queenstown and unsurprisingly developed a passion for adventure. While doing his honours degree in Visual Communication Design, Ciaran established a sizable network of freelance clients and worked in several design agencies before founding Obvious.

Ciaran's unique background as a senior designer in tertiary marketing compliments the team's work in the education sector, with their social enterprise, StudySpy.

Essi Airisniemi
Operations Manager, a.k.a. 'The Glue'

Our Ops Manager, Essi, is Finnish and she likes to get things finished! Essi is a go-getter and experienced in the creative agency world. She works directly with clients, manages the team and runs a project management system on all of our processes that almost has as many bells and whistles as Santa's sleigh.

Her creative background in photography, blended with her talent for processes makes her the Obvious person for managing team projects.

Michael Watson
Co-founder and Managing Director

Mixed-accent Michael is a Scottish Kiwi, who’s experienced across all things digital and an expert in execution. He was a finalist for Young Business Person of the Year 2019 at the Wellington Region Business Excellence Awards.

Michael was working for Microsoft when he co-founded StudySpy - a digital prospectus with every course and every scholarship in New Zealand. Students search over 70,000 times a month on StudySpy.

Jarrod Mosen
Co-founder and Technical Director

Jarrod's passionate about using technology to effect positive social change. Co-founder of StudySpy, he single-handedly built the entire platform before there ever was a team of developers. Efficient execution and pragmatism underscore his approach to both full-stack web development and spotting trends in digital marketing data.

Jarrod is famous for patiently waiting for the right time to drop in an outrageous one-liner - so please don't give him the opportunity.

Caitlin Jack
Dunedin Lead, Designer & Campaign Coordinator

Caitlin is known for her big smile and like her brother Ciaran (believe it or not they are related) has an infectious enthusiasm for all things creative! Caitlin has a multi-disciplinary background in the creative industry. She works as a brand strategist, designer and campaign coordinator and is experienced in media planning and outsourced production.

Caitlin leads the Obvious operation in Dunedin as well as her hometown of Queenstown.

Josh Hopton-Stewart
Digital Account Manager

Hailing from the sunny shores of Nelson, Josh brings the creativity from his musical background into everything he does in the digital marketing world. Prior to joining the Obvious team, Josh spent four years in Sweden working as a website manager within the EdTech industry.

When not building powerful digital marketing strategies for your business, Josh is likely writing electronic music, directing theatre, or playing Skyrim for the 4000th time.

Bryan Tarlowski
Digital Marketing Lead

Bryan’s from a small surf and skate island in Florida, USA. He’s acclimating just fine in New Zealand, living in close proximity to Wellington’s beaches and skate parks. Bryan is our Digital Marketing Lead, a tech and marketing junkie with a penchant for brand strategy. Our resident alligator expert, he’s been fleeing from gators from a young age, pro tip - zig zagging pattern.

Bryan has led marketing teams across a wide range of industries and countries, from small local businesses to global publicly traded firms.

Elley Wagner
Designer & Illustrator

Elley was the first team member to join Obvious and has seen a lot over the years and really grown with the business. Although joining Obvious in Wellington she's since moved to Michael & Jarrod's old stomping ground (now that they're not there) - Hamilton, the mighty Waikato!

Even though Elley grew up in the heat of Saudi Arabia, you'll often find her snowboarding on the powder topped mountains or up to her neck in the surf at Raglan.

Sheridan Jamieson
Virtual CFO

Sheridan is super passionate about social enterprise and small business. This passion combined with a background in financial services make him a great candidate for looking after our finances - he keeps us on the straight and narrow!

In his spare time, he loves a bush walk and exploring the beautiful scenery of south-Wellington with his dog, Billie! Sheridan works with a number of other small businesses through his consulting company, Seedling Consulting.

Megan Browne
Marketing Coordinator

Megan is positive, charismatic and has a passion for all things creative. Megan loves to work with clients to help them achieve their goals.

Based in Auckland, Megan (sometimes joined by her cat, Simba) works online with the team and supports some of the Auckland-based clients. In her spare time, you can find Megan at one of Auckland's beaches, on a coastal hike, or of course, in the kitchen baking up a storm!

Ryan Gray-McCoy

Ryan grew up in the cold south of Dunedin, and gained a love for making short films with friends.

He is an experienced editor, videographer and motion graphics artist. In 2014 he edited the feature length film “Syrenia” which featured Nick Frost, and he has had several other films play in the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Kareena Harris
Designer & Illustrator

Kareena is a graphic and illustration designer turned social entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting environmental focused outcomes. Kareena loves visual problem solving, she believes that research is the best thing you can do for good design.

Kareena has also run her own social enterprise, The Misprint Co, which combined her design thinking skills and passion for the environment into a popular business creating notebooks from waste paper.

Krissi Mills

Krissi is a passionate creative who knows design is much more than just making pretty pictures. She spent the first few years out of uni working at a Product Development company, before becoming the marketing manager for a local start-up, giving her speed, agility and an excellent sense of design for business and experience in being practical solutions focused.

Krissi loves spending time with her young family and expanding her digital and creative talents.

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Our Social Enterprise.


StudySpy is a social enterprise delivered by Obvious with the mission of enabling access to education. StudySpy enables prospective students to compare and contrast every course and every scholarship in New Zealand.

Students search StudySpy over 70,000 times a month. Before the platform, information on tertiary information was fragmented and out-of-date. We’ve updated over 4,000 courses and helped tens-of-thousands of kiwi students discover their tertiary pathways. We also offer a free scholarships database that gives students equal access to over $70 million worth of opportunities.

The StudySpy platform empowers students across Aotearoa to be informed on one of the most important decisions of their lives.
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