Spice on a slice. A brand refresh for Wellington’s best curry pizza restaurant.

Currizza takes our favourite foods, pizza and curry, and unapologetically combines them into slices packed full of flavour. Currizza is a privately owned business and the first curry pizza shop in Wellington, New Zealand. Pizzas are made by hand with love and attention, this distinguishes Currizza from chain pizza restaurants.

Forming relationships with the local community and frequent customers is important to Currizza. Currizza was established with the belief that ‘Pizza’ and ‘Happiness’ must go hand in hand, providing a professional service with a smile. Remaining playful and not taking themselves too seriously allows Currizza to continue to develop unique and delicious flavour combinations. 


Currizza approached Obvious to give their brand and logo a refresh. We were challenged to retain the integrity of the old logo, simply going through a process of refinement. 

Currizza needed a brand that reflected the vivacity of the owners and pizzas created there. Their previous branding was dated and unpolished. A new, refined brand that conveyed Currizza as approachable yet as producing high quality pizza, was our objective.


We wanted to refine the Currizza logo so that superfluous, distracting elements were removed while retaining the original typographic treatment. To do this we retained the original typeface and removed elements, crafting a more legible word mark.  

We also improved the tagline from the original ‘The curry pizza shop’ to ‘Spice on a Slice’. It’s proven to be a real hit with customers! 

Alongside the brand mark refinement we also suggested to Currizza an adaption and refresh of their brand illustration style. While Currizza’s illustrative style spoke to their playfulness, it lacked a human element, rather appearing cartoonish and artificial. An artificial look was not serving Currizza, instead we strived to inject a handcrafted look into their brand which reflects the handmade pizzas served at Currizza. 


New brand guidelines were created to accommodate Currizza’s new look and ensure a consistent visual style across all brand assets.

Obvious visited Currizza to photograph their pizzas and chefs in action. We provided Currizza with a library of high quality images to use for promotions, menus, third party apps like Uber and social media. The professional photography draws attention to Currizza’s unique ingredients and most definitely tempts the taste buds! 

To ensure Currizza maintains relationships with their local community and frequent customers, as well as developing new loyal customers, we now manage their social media accounts. Ensuring their accounts post frequently and maintain brand consistency was important in ensuring the success of the brand refresh.


Since Currizzas brand refresh and management of social media accounts, we have seen a rewarding amount of interaction and passion from Currizza customers. A genuine community of Currizza lovers have formed who cheer for Currizza and their achievements. 

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