New Zealand's largest tutorial provider.
LearnCoach is a digital tool which helps students to pass exams and ace NZQA through video tutorials, making learning fast and simple.

LearnCoach approached Obvious with a challenge to create a cartoon character which personified LearnCoach and embodied their values. This character needed to capture the light-hearted nature of the LearnCoach brand as well as become a relatable, memorable character which high school students would interact with.

The resolved character is quirky, adaptable, friendly and youthful, yet not so much to put off high school students. The character does not fully resemble a gender nor is it human or animal, rather a mixture.

Multiple social media and facebook advertising posts were created to craft a light-hearted tone for the LearnCoach brand. Showcasing the character in different scenarios displayed LearnCoach's value of being reliable for their users while understanding and acknowledging the experience of being a student. For example, wanting to maintain a social life while studying and the all-too-relatable experience of leaving things till the last minute and having to 'pull an all-nighter'.

Make it obvious.
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