A Digital Prospectus with every course and every scholarship in New Zealand.

Helping prospective students in New Zealand make one of the most important decisions in their lives

StudySpy is a course comparison tool for students to compare and contrast every course in New Zealand, from apprenticeships to university degrees. The website aggregates data from across 6 government bodies, providing information on course tuition, level, duration, completion rates and employment outcomes, like how many graduates got a job and their average earnings.  

Before StudySpy, not only was this information fragmented, it was also largely out of date. The StudySpy platform offers education providers the opportunity to edit their courses and keep them up to date as a standardised digital prospectus. The platform has now helped tertiary providers all around the country update over 4,000 courses that were out of date on Government systems.

Launch your education with a scholarship - Explore over $70+ million worth of opportunities in Aotearoa!

Before StudySpy Scholarships, students often had to pay for access to scholarship information. This is completely unacceptable, especially because many of these scholarships were designed to help students through financial hardship.

StudySpy has collated all of the scholarships offered in New Zealand into one place. This important information is now searchable, accessible and free of charge! StudySpy is all about enabling access to education and this tool has removed New Zealand's financial barrier to learning about scholarships.

A digital prospectus in every student's pocket.

Today's students are digital natives. They're used to using digital tools on their smartphone. Students often feel bombarded with information as they walk into a careers advisers room and see an ocean of booklets and pamphlets from hundreds of providers.

Giving students access to this information and making it manageable on their smartphone empowers them to make more informed decisions. Students can access the tool via mobile website or app.

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