TEDx Wellington is a series of events showcasing the best ideas worth spreading.
TEDx Wellington

TEDxWellington 2019. 

Obvious had the pleasure of being the media partner for TEDx Wellington in 2019.

The fourth TEDx event in New Zealand’s creative capital was also its 4th sell-out event.

This year the event was hosted by Te Auaha, New Zealand Institute of Creativity who we enjoy working with on a regular basis. Check out our Collaboration with the World of Wearable Arts and Te Auaha here

Creating ‘Chance’

When Obvious was approached by the TEDx leadership team we were thrilled to learn the theme was ‘Chance’. Each year TEDx chooses themes that are challenging and thought-provoking, and this was no different. 

As this year's media partners, we had the exciting opportunity of producing the theme announcement video which you can see below. This video playfully explores the narrative of unforeseen events, coincidence and happenstance through two timelines that eventually collide and announce the theme at a roll of the dice. 

We love the way this video and story represent Chance through through visual metaphors, and equally enjoyed the role that chance played in its creation, allowing and encouraging random interactions to inform our creative process.

Boggle was the perfect tool to visually communicate TEDx Wellington's 2019 theme of 'chance':

“Another sell-out event.”

TEDxWellington has a reputation as a must-see event. Obvious is proud to have supported yet another sell-out year for the not-for-profit organisation. Because of such high demand for tickets to TEDx, and regular comments that folks have missed out on tickets, this year TEDx employed the power of chance to give everyone an equal shot at scoring a ticket.

The 2019 ‘lottery registration system’ invited the community to apply for a single ticket over a period of three weeks leading up to the event. The lucky recipients of the tickets were chosen at random by a digital algorithm, randomising all applications in each ticket category. If you’re curious about how this worked, check out the FAQ’s here.

Obvious produced speaker announcement videos to promote ticket registrations.

The video above introduces all speakers, while individual videos for each speaker were also produced. Speakers were announced at the New Zealand National Library.

Closing in on the final build-up to the event, and to close final registrations of tickets, obvious produced videos announcing the topics of each speaker. These would later be used on the official TEDx youtube channel in the official online video:

To produce these videos, Obvious collaborated with Te Auaha, using their professional studio to photograph the speakers. Check out more of their amazing facilities here.

See the photography Obvious produced for Te Auaha as part of our collaboration.

DK’s Testimonial (TEDx Wellington License Holder):

"Obvious crafted a fantastic brand video to introduce the theme of TEDxWellington 2019 and laid down the creative benchmark to the rest of the team to follow. On top of this they also did an amazing job on the speaker photos and 'walk-on-videos' for the event as well as covering the day perfectly as well - a delight to work with and as a team delivered above and beyond expectation, thank you Obvious!"

Read the official 2019 TEDx Event review by DK here!

Watch the review video produced by empire films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=r0ZEtfe9VeE

Check out the official Tedx Wellington website here: https://www.tedxwellington.com/

Watch more amazing speakers on the Official TEDx Youtube channel.

Check out the photography by obvious here on the official TEDx Wellington Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxwellington/albums/72157710324586127

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